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Puslished: 14 May 2018

So today is 5yrs since I set up Frontline Driver Solutions...thanks to my LinkedIn connections for reminding me.

We have had some rough times during these 5 years but we are still here. 2018 is our year for growth as we open our office in the North West and expand our operations in the East Midlands.

I would like to thank all of our drivers, some of whom have been with me from the start, for their hard work and professionalism. We appreciate that you have a choice of who you work with and I know that we have got it right when you choose to continue to work with my agency.

Earlier this year I changed the trading name of the company to Ethical Recruitment. Unfortunately there are many agencies out there who, in my opinion, should have been shut down a long time ago. These agencies give us decent ones a bad name. At Ethical Recruitment we strive to do the right thing by both drivers and clients alike. I don't doubt that I have upset a few people along the way with my straight talking approach to business but at Ethical Recruitment you will only get the truth!

Drivers talk and word on the street is that my agency looks after their drivers.

Behind every company director there is a team of people who make things happen and my team share the same values as I do. This is a thank you to them also because I am well aware of how tough the job is.

I cannot finish my year end message without a massive thanks to my hubby Kevin Vickers. He has supported me and pushed me on when I've felt like throwing the towel in, he covers driving shifts, works in the office in both driving and industrial recruitment, is on the rota for the on-call phones and he is usually the first driver in with any new client.....

Here's to the next 12 months....Bring it on!! X

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